SAFENET Protocols

SAFENET is a wildland firefighter safety reporting system intended to:

SAFENET submittals must be consistent with established wildland fire leadership values and principles. All submittals should contribute to firefighter safety and enable individual and systems improvement.

SAFENET is not intended to replace the immediate corrective actions all firefighters must initiate when they are involved with or observe unsafe actions or activities.

How to Submit a SAFENET

What Happens After You Submit a SAFENET

The SAFENET administrator will remove the name of the submitter and all individual, crew, and team names to protect anonymity. Fire, incident, agency, and unit names will remain.

Within 24 hours the name-redacted submittal will be forwarded to the pertinent agency SAFENET representatives as determined by agency involvement through jurisdiction, personnel, contractors or other resources. The agency SAFENET representatives are listed below.

Within two working days, the agency SAFENET representatives will determine suitability for posting. Representatives may address unacceptable content by denying the post or delaying the post until unacceptable content is rewritten or removed. This may be done unilaterally by the agency representative or in conjunction with the submitter.

The agency SAFENET representatives may initiate corrective actions at any time. These should be recorded by using the corrective action link on the SAFENET or by emailing the SAFENET administrator. Multiple corrective action submittals are permitted.

Submittals related to incidents with ongoing serious accident investigations will not be posted until the investigation is completed. These submittals will be forwarded to the serious accident investigation team.

The finalized submittal will be posted on the SAFENET website and remain there permanently.

Why You Should Submit a SAFENET

Collection and analysis of a safety related data can contribute to individual and institutional learning and improvement. This only happens with your participation and support. Please consider submitting a SAFENET next time you are involved with a safety related event that others could learn from.

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SAFENET Information

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