SAFENET Notification

  • IT staff will be performing maintenance/upgrade activities that may cause intermittent disruption of service to the BLM and NIFCENET environments this Saturday, August 15th starting at 0700 (MDT). These activities are expected to last up to eight (8) hours in duration (1500 MDT end time); however, any downtime is expected to be of short duration (less than 10 minutes.).
    SAFENET will be intermittently unavailable during the maintenance window.

What is SAFENET?

The SAFENET system is a way for front line firefighters and support staff to report unsafe or unhealthy situations and near-misses. It is also a way for fire managers to hear about and correct hazardous conditions, collect and track important safety data and identify trends that could be developing.

SAFENET is a confidential database. Users are encouraged but not required to put their name and contact information on the report. SAFENETs are sanitized to display safety and health-related information only, and will not identify the names of individuals, crews or other resources.

Who Should File a SAFENET?

Individuals who observe or are involved in an unsafe situation should initiate immediate corrective action, if possible. The occurrence should then be reported via SAFENET. Reports should identify unsafe situations in wildland fire, all-hazard operations, training and other related work environments.

If the reporting party did not observe the situation first-hand, the SAFENET will likely not be published. Instead of filing a report, encourage those who were directly involved to do so.

What Happens Next?

SAFENET reports are reviewed and sanitized by the SAFENET administrator. Sanitized reports are forwarded to the national safety managers of the involved agency or agencies, as well as to those they designate. This may include unit-level fire and safety managers, radio program representatives or national office fire managers.

Recipients have two full business days to review the report and do fact-finding before the report is posted to the SAFENET website for viewing. In rare cases, safety managers may request additional time to investigate concerns or confirm information before a SAFENET is made public. The agency may allow the SAFENET to be posted but attach an immediate corrective action stating the incident is currently under agency review and another corrective action will follow. If you have filed a report and are concerned about the time it is taking to become public, please contact the SAFENET manager at

Further agency corrective actions may take place, and will be reported on the SAFENET website after the report has become publicly viewable.

The SAFENET system is intended to provide a forum for firefighters to voice their safety concerns. Once the system brings a potential issue to light, the agency(s) involved review the issue and have the opportunity to provide comments, correct inaccuracies, and/or implement corrective actions (if necessary) based on their findings. Neither the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) nor its members, make any claims as to the accuracy or validity of individual SAFENETs.

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