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20170621-0001        [Corrective Actions]
Event Start Date:
06/20/2017 1500
Event Stop Date:
Incident Name:
Fire Number:
Local Unit:
Incident Type:
Incident Activity:
Transport to/from
Stage of Incident:
Initial Attack
Position Title:
Crew - Type I 
Initial Attack 
Management Level:
Resources Involved:
1 hotshot crew 
Contributing Factors
Contributing Factors:
Human Factors
Human Factors:
Decision Making, Leadership, Risk Assessment  
Other Factors:
Describe in detail what happened including the concern or potential issue, the environment (weather, terrain, fire behavior, etc), and the resulting health issue.
A new fire was reported and local initial response resources were assigned. While in route to the fire discussion with the local duty officer about needs occurred. Initial impression of the IC given the fires reported location was to consider additional resources, local IHC. After an Arial recon size-up and visual confirmation of location of the fire, the additional help from the hotshot crew was not needed and the IC cancelled the crew order.

The request to cancel at 1700 by the IC was done with consideration to travel time, travel route and overall unnecessary exposure. These considerations were dismissed by the Forest Duty officer (FDO). In short the FDO disregard the assessment of the IC on scene and forced the IC to take the crew.

The crew superintendent knowing the current fuel conditions and location of the fire and hearing the arial size-up called at about the half way point into the drive, which was about the same time the IC cancelled the crews order and asked dispatch to confirm with IC about the need for the crew. Because of the FDO's decision the crew was told to continue on to the fire.

The crew travelled for three and half hours to a fire that was 1 acre, in a creek bottom,surrounded by roads and a creek. All initial cooperation resources had been released, because the fire spread was stopped and all area of concern were extinguished.

The hazard for the crew is unnecessary driving exposure.
Immediate Action Taken
Reporting Individual : please describe actions you took to correct or mitigate the unsafe/unhealthful event.
I tried to reconfirm our need after hearing the size up, of one acre and smoldering. All ground based decision by the IC were ignored. Local IC and local Duty officers should be trusted and empowered as stated in the delegation of authority to make safe and practical decisions. Stop, think, talk and act was ignored by the Deputy Fire Staff officer.

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