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20170623-0001        [Corrective Actions]
Event Start Date:
06/09/2017 1200
Event Stop Date:
Incident Name:
Gas Cap on MS 461
Fire Number:
Local Unit:
Incident Type:
Incident Activity:
Stage of Incident:
Initial Attack, Extended Attack
Position Title:
Line Construction 
Management Level:
Resources Involved:
type 6 engine 
Contributing Factors
Contributing Factors:
Human Factors:
Other Factors:
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I have noticed a defect on the gas caps for the MS 461 Stihl Chainsaws. On the Temple fire, the chainsaw belonging to E 1614 had a gas cap go bad where the cap appeared to be in perfect condition, but would no longer properly close. This was easily fixed by putting a new gas cap on the saw.

Later that day, on the same fire, their was a burn incident involving a sawyer off storm peak fire module using a MS 461 chainsaw, and that same night a member off of Squad 1-1 approached me because they were unable to put their gas cap on their saw (Which was a MS 461). I was able to give Squad 1-1 a new gas cap, to fix their saw. I believe there were three gas caps on three different MS 461 chainsaws that went bad on the same day.

Nine days later, on the Boone Fire, my Engine E-1614 had this same problem arise with the gas cap. We ran five tanks in our MS 461, and had two more gas caps go bad.

This is an issue because all the gas caps that go defective appear to be in perfect condition, unless inspected very closely. On the defective caps, the lines on the caps will not make a perfect 90 degree angle when open, and the lines will not make a straight line when in the closed position. If the sawyer is not aware of this defect, they will attempt to force the cap closed which will close to only pop open later or leak gas all over the sawyer.
Immediate Action Taken
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To mitigate this issue, I am spreading awareness of this issue, so when a cap goes bad we can replace it before someone gets gas all over.

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