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20170328-0001        [Corrective Actions]
Event Start Date:
11/01/2016 0800
Event Stop Date:
Incident Name:
North Kaibab Radio issues
Fire Number:
Local Unit:
North Kaibab Ranger District
Incident Type:
All Hazard
Incident Activity:
Stage of Incident:
Position Title:
North Zone Fire Management Officer 
Radio Communications 
Management Level:
Resources Involved:
district resources 
Contributing Factors
Contributing Factors:
Human Factors:
Situational Awareness  
Other Factors:
radio technical issues, non compliance with communication standards 
Describe in detail what happened including the concern or potential issue, the environment (weather, terrain, fire behavior, etc), and the resulting health issue.
The North Kaibab Ranger district has a system of radios, repeaters, and microwave dishes that provide a link to Williams Interagency Dispatch. Williams is our key contact for safety and communications.

The area is remote, the district is a long way from radio service. The system was identified to replace the 'old' microwave dishes and install new technology.

The dishes were replaced and since then we have not had communications via the radio system.

We do not have a communications with areas of the district via radio, and the we cannot communicate with Williams Interagency dispatch consistently.

We have been providing information and our worry that we are going to have an 'incident' and not have a way to communicate and thus not provide an adequate response.
Immediate Action Taken
Reporting Individual : please describe actions you took to correct or mitigate the unsafe/unhealthful event.
I have been working with CIO and the techs to come up with the 'fix'. I keep hearing it will be fixed by fire season. We are in fire season here now. We have district personnel going into the field everyday.

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