SAFENET Protocols

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SAFENET is managed by the Federal Fire and Aviation Safety Team (FFAST), through direction from the NWCG Risk Management Committee.

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Anyone at any organizational level may file a SAFENET. The SAFENET reports must clearly state an unsafe and/or unhealthful situation.

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SAFENETs can be filed one of three ways:



Direct Mail
SAFENET, P.O. Box 16645
Boise, Idaho, 83715-9750




SAFENET forms (Form PMS 405-2, NFES 2633) are no longer available in the cache system. However, you can still submit forms already in circulation or print froms from website and mail in.

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Administrative Process

Regardless of how they are received, the protocol for processing SAFENETs is the same. Individual SAFENETs are accessed by the SAFENET administrator and sanitized prior to internal distribution and website posting (see "Sanitization," below). After two working days from the date of receipt, they are posted to the website. Once posted, SAFENETs will remain as a permanent part of the online database.

Within 24 hours of receipt, the SAFENET administrator will forward the submittal to FFAST members or other identified representatives of agencies involved in the submittal. When the submittal involves entities not otherwise represented on FFAST, or not having an identified representative, the SAFENET administrator will attempt, personally or through any FFAST member, to make contact with the agency.

When the submittal involves a contracted resource, the FFAST member or other representative of the agency of jurisdiction will attempt to contact contracting representative or the contractor.

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Posting Criteria

SAFENETs will be screened for safety and health-related event(s). If submittals do not meet this standard, they will not be published or included in the SAFENET database. Other posting considerations are:

Individual(s) submitting SAFENETs should do so based on firsthand observation or participation in the identified event(s). SAFENETs submitted that are based solely on hearsay or other secondhand information will not be posted.

SAFENETs related to incidents that have on-going serious accident investigations will not be posted until formal investigation process is completed. These SAFENETs will be sent directly to the serious accident investigation team.

SAFENETs that contain unprofessional content (e.g. personal attacks/slander, character defamation) will not be posted, or the offensive comments will be removed and only the safety and health related content will be displayed prior to posting.

SAFENETs that do not include name of incident and/or location of event will not be posted.

Questionable submittals will be referred to FFAST members, where a majority vote will be required to hold posting of a SAFENET from the system (a majority is 3 of 5 team members). Submitters who provided their names will receive a response as to why the SAFENET will not be posted.

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SAFENETs are sanitized only to protect the anonymity of individuals, crews, or Incident Management Teams who might be named in the SAFENET submittal. The sanitization process will remove the name of the submitter, as well as anyone named in the narrative. Fire/Incident and agency/organization names, as well as dates and locations, will not be sanitized.

SAFENETs are sanitized to display safety and health related information only.

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Posting Delay

SAFENETs will not be posted to the website until two working days after the date of receipt. The purpose of the delay is to give agencies an opportunity to respond or take appropriate corrective action before posting. Agency responses will be filed as a corrective action on the SAFENET.

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Agency Corrective Actions

Corrective actions can be submitted at any time. They can be filed electronically through the corrective action "link" at the top of each SAFENET, as well as by emailing the SAFENET administrator. Multiple agency corrective action submittals are permitted.

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Routing / Agency Notification

SAFENETS will be submitted to the jurisdictional agency FFAST representative and the FFAST representative of the agency whose personnel were involved.

Agencies will determine internal routing notification lists and submit to SAFENET administrator.

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